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As a leading nationwide HVAC contractor, we are always on the lookout for talented candidates. This does not have to mean recruiting only the most highly skilled and experienced candidates. As long as there is a willingness to learn and real aptitude, we are committed to developing careers with those who join our team. 

Our 3 managing directors have a combined 90+ years in the building services industry. Yet throughout their career, they have always been willing to learn and further their continuing professional development. It is their vision for the business that these fundamental principles are engrained in the values of all our engineers. We are committed to training and continuing to develop the valuable working experiences of our employees. 

NATIONWIDE HEATING & COOLING - celebrating 10 years of providing complete turnkey mechanical services.

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At Nationwide H&C, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities and training for young people through our apprenticeship scheme, encouraging our apprentices to grow into competent and efficient workers.

Our coalition of engineers have a multitude of experience and as a team, we encourage one another to progress and succeed, reiterating this to our new generation of workers.

We provide the highest quality training, where our apprentices work closely with ourselves and their college to gain knowledge and experience, resulting in strong career with exciting prospects for the right candidates.'

'I joined the team at Nationwide in August 2018 as an Administration Apprentice through Northumberland College. After a lot of hard work and support from Nationwide I qualified in September 2019. Nationwide have given me a lot of opportunities to grow and improve on my general skills, they are a great team to work with.'

- Bethany - Level 2 Business and Administration apprentice

' This course is well organised and leads to a level 3 in RACHP. Great career options once qualified.' -

- Shay - Level 3 HVAC apprentice

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